What bouquet should I choose?

There are so many different types of bouquets available now and there are even more that you can now do yourself. You have a brooch bouquet, a button bouquet, a floral bouquet and even a paper bouquet. All I needed to do was choose which one I wanted and then go from there.

I had considered a brooch bouquet. They look amazing and are truly a great keepsake, but the more I looked into it the less it fit into my budget and doing it myself would have taken more time than I had so close to the wedding, so that was not an option.


The next choice was a button bouquet. I had never really considered this but saw it in a search I made and felt I had to explore it. The more I looked at it the more I realised it just wasn’t for me. They are beautiful and quirky but I just couldn’t see how it would fit.


I didn’t really put much thought into the other types of bouquets because I didn’t have a lot of time to consider DIY for these but I wanted to show you how much of a variety was out there… crazy! Feathers, fabric and butterflies are just some of them.

fabric feather


During my search for the perfect bouquet I have found a phenomenal florist. She had me at hello, as they say. They are fairly new but looking at the examples of their work I knew they would be absolutely perfect for the decor. It felt only natural to explore the bouquet with them as well.

I want something light, white, natural, not too girly, in a posy – but lose and well yeah I’m not too fussy… Much! First Impression Flowers were just great with my not great explanation of what I wanted, they used what I had said and sent me pictures of exactly what I was trying to explain. They are doing the decor as well because I wanted everyone’s picnic rugs to have a little flower in a case or jar on it so they all have a romantic picnic but that is a different post all together.

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