Wedding Top Tips from an Angel…

Well sort of! She is in fact my makeup artist – Melani Fink of BlackCatsAngel Designs.  Not only is she a Makeup Artist, Photographer and Jewellery Designer, she is also a great friend.

Wedding Makeup bride make up wedding tips BlackCatsAngel Designs

Mel and I have had contact since I started working at Easy Weddings and her bubbly personality and easy going nature made her a shoe in as my makeup artist for the big day.

I am mainly a bad influence by way of introducing her to Pinterest and suggesting ideas for her big day! Occasionally I let her get some work done 🙂

But back to my post, I asked her for some wedding tips, since she has been to far more weddings than I, and has the benefit of being a guest and a supplier. Here are her top tips for sparkling on your big day!

  • If you’re planning on starting a skin regime before your wedding day, start it at least 3-4 months before your big day and get the right products for your skin and use them religiously!
  • Make sure any waxing of the face (eyebrows, lips, etc) is done at least 3 days before the wedding – if you do it he day before, you run the risk of makeup getting into the follicles and causing nasty infections/pimples just in time for your honeymoon!
  • Drink lots of water! Coffee is helpful for those late nights leading up to the wedding when making Order of Service booklets – but the caffeine only serves to dehydrate you! H2O is your best friend!
  • Planning on a spa treatment the week of the wedding to help you destress? Great! My advice would be to get one done well before then, as the last thing you want to find out 3 days from the wedding, is that the mask you were planning on to relax you, is going to make you break out!
  • DELEGATE! Yes it’s the biggest day of your life, but if you’re getting stressed because there’s so much to do, delegate the smaller less important things to trusted friends and family members! They won’t ruin it and they will do the best they can for you because they want everything to be just as perfect!
  • Drink it all in – and no I don’t mean the champagne! Take a moment from meeting and greeting, grab your husband by the hand, take a few steps away from the party and look back on what you’ve created. This is likely to be one of the only times you have everyone who matters to you under the one roof – drink it in and savour the moment.

Don’t think I could have said it better myself. So get organised, plan ahead and then sit back and relax! And if you need a hand along the way make sure you call Melani, she may just be the answer to your prayers!

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