Wedding bling

I am having such a blast choosing my wedding jewellery! I’m a self confessed accessories junkie from way back – so naturally I was in my element.

Even though I browse the web for jewellery every now and then – this time I had a purpose! My bookmarks folder at this point was on strike and took a bit of culling to get it to cooperate again.

I think I have been through every site you can imagine – I read through the forum girls show & tell’s looking at their jewellery inspiration and still nothing jumped out at me.

So I started signing up to newsletters – if I couldn’t find the jewellery – the jewellery was going to find me! And one day hiding in an email was a link to a little bridal accessories site, called Brides Unlimited. I was in bridal accessories bliss! I didn’t know where to look first!

My Bridal Bling

What does Jessie J know? It is all about the ba-bling!

After going through every single page – see it really is an addiction, I picked my favourites and saved them for later.

As with all my wedding ideas I have printed out pages and kept them in my Easy Weddings Planning folder and I go back every few weeks ( ahem…days) and take a look, and whittled my list down to 3 pairs of earrings and 2 hair combs I liked.

The email newsletters also delivered me my wedding bangles! Jewelliet is an Australian owned online store that has gorgeous and affordable jewellery. They have a set of 4 bangles with one of my favourite sayings engraved on each:

Dance…as though no one is watching you

Sing…as though no one can hear you

Live…as though heaven is on earth

Love…as though you have never been hurt before

Wedding Jewellery

The bangles for my ceremony outfit

I am still waiting for my reception jewellery to find me.

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