Wedding gear you can use after your big day

A convertible wedding dress from Tara Keely One of the best things about getting married (aside from the whole new hubby thing) is you get to buy lots of pretty “stuff” – and you get to show it all off!

I mean, seriously, as gorgeous as some bridal gowns are, you can’t exactly wear them to your Christmas party and, really, unless your name is Elizabeth or Catherine, tiaras look a little over done.

But on your wedding day, you can wear whatever you want – and everyone has to smile and tell you you’re gorgeous, which, of course, you are!

However, if you’re clever about it, you can buy gear that is gorgeous – and can be worn more than once.

Choose the right wedding dress - and though it may need a dye (or may not), you should be able to use it again! Image: Prina Tornai from Kleinfeld Bridal

Choose the right wedding dress – and though it may need a dye (or may not), you should be able to use it again! Image: Prina Tornai from Kleinfeld Bridal

The gown:

While many of us dream of the big white, fluffy wedding dress, many do not and if it’s not your style,well, why have one? Plenty of designers offer non-traditional wedding gowns and by non-traditional we mean in different styles and colours.
There is so much choice when it comes to wedding gowns that you can easily pick a dress that satisfies the bride in you, but still allows you to use it again.

The bridesmaids’ dresses

Today’s brides tend to be a tad more considerate than some of their predecessors, and frou frou bridesmiads’ dresses designed to please only the bride and groom are most definitely not de rigeur!

The options available for your bridal party are extensive, so your bridesmaids shouldn’t be uncomfortable in a dress that doesn’t suit their size, shape or colouring.

In addition to the presents you’ll no doubt have for your bridesmaids, another lovely touch is to dress them in something they can use again, something that isn’t too “bridesmaidish” and could be worn comfortably at a party or big event.

The jewellery

The beauty of jewellery is that not matter how ostentatious  and blingalicious it may be, something grand enough will eventually come up where you can wear it again – even someone else’s wedding.

Be it hair accessories such as beautiful vintage inspired hair combs and pins or your wedding earrings, look for something that is special and eye-catching, but not ridiculously so. That way, you’ll be able to use it again! Now, that’s smart.

The shoes

You can’t have too many shoes, but owning a pair that you can only wear once is, well, sacrilegious! But you’re pretty safe when it comes to shoes.

Like jewellery, the beauty of shoes is that no matter how diamante covered or ostentatious they may be, you can always use them to jazz up a very plain outfit long after your big day.

Just keep in mind that even though many bridal stores sell “normal” shoes designed for everyday wear, some wedding shoes are designed only to be worn once and may not stand the rigors of pavements or city life since they may have been fashioned from very delicate materials aimed at looking great rather than providing foot support.

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