Wedding colour decided, dusty pink!

This is the image that made me decide on my colour!

I’m so excited. There are 435 days to go until my wedding day!

And I finally decided on a colour for the wedding. It’s going to be dusty pink for the bridesmaids and grey for the men’s suits.

It took me a while to decide on this colour as I was originally thinking a soft yellow would be nice. But then I liked navy blue and then I thought about a plum-purple, but last night Matt and I have decided on a gorgeous dusty pink.

It’s going to be a summer wedding, so I think the colour needs to be light and dusty pink is the way we’re going to go.

This is the photo that made us consider dusty pink. I saw it as a wedding dress and thought it would be a really pretty colour for the bridesmaid dresses.

Now that I have the colour, everything is flowing…

It wasn’t until I went to shopping last night for fabrics for the bridesmaids dresses that I realised how hard this colour will be to find, let alone matching it up with everything.

I couldn’t find any fabrics that matched what I have in my head or with this colour.

These are my dusty pink swatches

Look at all the swatches I found.

I am possibly going to buy the bridesmaid dresses online as my friend bought her wedding dress online recently and was really happy with the result!

I figured I could buy mine and the bridesmaid dresses online.

I really want Matt’s Nan to make the dresses as she does such a fantastic job and has been sewing for decades! She’s the one who made my beautiful engagement dress.

However, it may be a bit much doing all four bridesmaids dresses plus one flower girl gown.

Our little flower girl, Skylar, was born just last week. She’s the daughter of Matt’s best man, Dave, and I want her dress to match the bridesmaids.

But as she will be growing so much over the next 435 days, I won’t be able to fit her until, probably, a month before the wedding.

So, to order online and for any issues with the sizing or fabric will be really last minute.

I might start looking online for fabric but my biggest concern is if it will be the same in person as on a computer screen as this is what is putting me off buying dresses online.

If anyone knows of any good fabric places, please let me know below. 🙂 I will keep searching and let you know how I go.

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