We had the perfect venue… had!

We thought we had scored big time. We went a saw a place and fell in love instantly. It was everything we never knew we wanted and more. So we organised to make a deposit and everything and it was going to be great because they too had a picnic themed event, which is what I want for our wedding,  in the same month so we knew what each other wanted and well it just meshed perfectly.
So we took photos, started planning out the set up and were waiting on the actual dollar amount to come for our quote, which we had already discussed, as they wanted us to have them for catering also there. We had discussed budgets etc. and the price was right but I needed to have it all written down and  we needed to liaise over the finer details.
After weeks of trying to get in touch with them, no return calls or emails, I get a dreaded call…

“We can’t do it anymore… it doesn’t work with the time frame we have for our event”

Oh no I almost broke down in tears – In fact I think I may have. I did throw a little tanny among some colleagues at Easy Weddings. I was mortified and just unsure what to do. I asked so many people what their thoughts were on moving the date. It was so significant to us and I just wasn’t sure if it would be just as easy as changing it. Mehdi liked the idea of us getting married on our 10 year and well I did too. But… we loved this place. So kid friendly and just perfect.

After long discussions and many Facebook posts we decided to at least explore the possibility of another date. So I contacted the Venue and asked them when would be more suitable and if they could send me the quote and we will consider it all as a package and make our decision. That did help us with our decision because it ALL changed. Suddenly it was as though we hadn’t even talked about it with them, that they were in the dark with our whole theme because nothing read as we had discussed earlier and then to my horror the quote was massively different to what we had discussed as well an nowhere within budget. To be honest with you as well we just find it hard to justify paying so much for catering that isn’t provided but an actual Chef, if that makes any sense. Whilst the grounds were perfect and it was stunning I had a budget and I couldn’t go over it. In fact I was just about to hit it with the quote they came up with. Besides the communication left much to be desired and I didn’t want to have to deal with that for the next 12 months.

So decision made… now we are on the hunt again. I am planning on going through the Garden Weddings list on Easy Weddings and visiting just about every one until I am satisfied!

If you have any thoughts I would really appreciate the heads up because it’s not as easy as you think finding a large area with toilets and electricity available.

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