We booked our (fantastic) celebrant!

David Schneider from Professional Ceremonies

We can finally tick off another job on our wedding to-do list: we’ve booked a celebrant!

I wanted to make sure I got in early with our celebrant because I really wanted David Schneider from Professional Ceremonies.

Matt and both come from religious backgrounds. However we both don’t practice any religions presently. Matt was quite confident that he didn’t want to get married in a church and I’m not too fussed where we get married. To me its about uniting, not where or who does it. So we both decided we would have a celebrant.

I met David about 18 months ago, even before Matt and I got engaged. I liked him straight away and knew I wanted him to be the person to officiate my wedding, so I held on to his business card ever since.

David came out to speak to us at Easy Weddings to help us get an insight into how celebrants conduct a typical wedding ceremony.

I was hoping that Matt would feel the same way about him, so when we booked David to come out, Matt and I had a pre-arranged code that would let me know if he was happy with David or not.

Matt loved David as much as I did and he gave me our secret code for the go-ahead within a few minutes of meeting him, so I was so happy about that.

David then took us through everything, including the readings and options for how a wedding ceremony can be conducted. I initially said that I wanted the ceremony to go for 15 – 20 minutes as I didn’t want people to get bored. He explained that it couldn’t really go for that period of time as there were certain things that needed to be covered, however if a ceremony is directed correctly then people wont get bored. He gave us so many options for us to choose from and to make our day special.
Stay tuned until after the wedding to hear what we chose….

I ended up crying as he was reading some sample vows we could choose from if we weren’t writing our own.

Jeez. I don’t know what I’m going to be like on my wedding day if this is what I am like at home.

David was really good and he gave us a special book to help us with writing our vows.

He’s even had an app built to help him with music on each client’s wedding day. David is by far the most organised, tech-savvy celebrant I’ve have met – and that’s saying something because I work in the wedding industry.

He had some amazing ideas on how we could include Matt’s (now five-year-old) son Dillan in the ceremony, too. More to come on this…

So, now Matt and I get to sit down and write our wedding vows. Sooo scary!

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