Vroom, vroom! It's an all-American classic for our big day

He Says

We now have some cars to be chauffeured around in on the day which will be a first for me.

The last ‘fancy’ ride I had was back at the start of high school I think, and that was in a limo, so this will be exciting driving around in some old classics.

We ended up going with some classic 1957 Chevy’s which have been restored and made us go “wow” as soon as we saw them. I was that impressed I had to ask how much effort was involved and the owner was more than happy to pull out an old photo album and show me step-by-step what had to be done to these cars and he has done a brilliant job.

Unfortunately due to budgeting, we can’t afford to have all three cars for the day, so we are going to hire them for only four hours. There were originally five cars in the fleet to choose from, so we went for the three with the matching white-wall tires because they will match in the photos that we take.

After the four hours, we will be dropped off at mine and Kate’s place, where we will  switch to my 1977 ZH Fairlane and Kate’s 1995 EF Falcon. I’ll be driving the Fairlane with Kate in the front and a mixture of groomsmen/bridesmaids in the back while I will have probably the best man drive the Falcon with a combination of people with him.

She Says

The cars I initially wanted for the wedding were all booked out unfortunately, but I managed to find another company in Adelaide that uses the exact same cars, the difference being that the main car in the fleet is white instead of red.

Because we are having three cars due to the large bridal party, we have decided not to hire them for the full 7 hours and are only going for 4 hours, which makes up the minimum time allowed plus an additional hour to be safe. What I think is really cool about these cars is the little fins on either side of the back of the car; it reminds me a bit of the Elvis era.

I’m really happy with the cars we ended up getting, some nice 1957 American Chevy’s. The people who own the cars have come across as really friendly and easy to get along with and the cars looked great in the photos they showed us.

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