Valentines day presents for your partner that they’ll actually love

Looking for some top-notch ideas to surprise your partner with this Valentine’s day? Obviously, many of us are in loved up couples, so St Valentines is a good excuse to get your partner something special to say “I love you sfm”. Here are a few valentines day presents that your partner will actually love:

Tickets to a festival!

The best part about this gift is that it’s actually for both of you! If you’re the festival type of couple (some aren’t!) and don’t mind a little sweat, dust and glitter, then this is a gift that you can both remember for years to come. Pick a festival that matches your vibe and music tastes and potentially take a road trip to a new place.

An art print

A piece of art for your home together is the perfect gift that you can both enjoy! You could have something commissioned in a specific colour theme or style, or pick out something that already exists in the world. If they have favourite artists, try to stick with similar styles and ideas so that you don’t end up with a piece that they don’t find aesthetically appealing! That might be awkward. But we hope you know your spouse pretty well and can avoid that.

A tech gadget!

A google chromecast, a powerbank, a fitbit? All great gifts for your partner! If you wanted to spend a little more, a smartwatch or a watch, in general, is always a great gift. You can always check out brands like Fossil, Michael Kors, Kate Spade or head to the shops for a whole range of smart wearable devices.

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A pet!

If you’ve been waiting to get a pet, you’ve discussed it already and really want one, you’ve talked about breeds, gender, adoption, insurance, and all the logistics, then it’s time! Maybe going and collecting the pet without your partner isn’t the best idea unless you 100% know they are ready and on board with this idea. But if you are SURE and they’ve been begging you for months, then now is the time to make the leap! HOW ROMANTIC! You’ve started a family!

Practical gifts:

Something like a Corksicle! If you’ve never seen them, it’s a metal bottle (or cup) that keeps your drink cool! This is a great unisex gift, not very expensive but well worth the investment, and once you get one, you will never go back to a regular old water bottle! Plus, metal and glass are much better for the environment than plastic bottles. A KeepCup or similar is also a great gift, if they get coffee or a chai out often, as reducing landfill is a reality we need to start taking action on. Other practical gifts include gift cards for shops that they already need items from!


If they use stationery for their work, then a few nice pens, notepads, a monogrammed journal, daily to-do lists and the like are super useful. The best part, you can spend as much or as little as you like. Check out smaller, independent brands, grab a Moleskine, or head to your fave stationery store.

What valentines day presents are on your mind this year?

Some people don’t buy into it at all and that’s perfectly okay, others just choose to partake in experiences instead, and spend time together, and honestly, that is the best alternative. We asked a few staff members their plans for valentines day this year, and most of them are sticking with experiences and time spent together:

Ash: “I’m not a big fan of Valentines Day… I don’t like being told when to love your partner or when to buy them flowers. I appreciate the thought on a less publicized day.

valentines day presents

Shann: “We will likely just celebrate with a nice dinner. My hubby might purchase me flowers and or chocolates, but we won’t go as far as buying each other wrapped gifts.”

Chelsea: “We are doing experiences not presents. so a date day. A picnic, hiring a boat and spending time on the river!”

valentines day presents

Grase: “My partner tried to surprise me with staying at this really nice art deco kind of hotel in the city in a fancy room, but then he realized I’d have to take leave so he told me, BUT I am very excited! We decided to take the plans in turns so I did last year and this year is his year.

valentines day presents

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