Unpopular wedding opinions that we (mostly) agree with

Anonymous couples have swarmed an Unpopular Opinions (Wedding edition) post, leaving their manners at the door and bringing forth their most unpopular opinions about weddings, about everything from burlap to kids at weddings and cash bars, and some of them are HARSH. We love it, and trust us, you’ll find yourself agreeing with some of these too:

“Those plastic white chairs everyone uses are the worst”

Plastic is out, wooden and metal chairs are in! We have to agree that we’re not the hugest fans of the $10 Bunnings plastic chairs. Give us Tiffany Chairs anyday.

Wow, those are some nice chairs!
Photos courtesy of Gina Smith Photography.

“It’s totally acceptable to wear white to a wedding”

We’re not too sure about this one… I can imagine some angry brides.

“A wedding without kids is fine”

We agree! It’s your day, if you don’t want kidlets running around, then just let people know!


Okay, so this one has us a little thrown! We love lace, but whatever, you do you boo.

“Eloping is underrated”

We love elopements and small destination weddings! But it’s just much less popular than having a bigger wedding with all your fam and friends.

If you’re going to elope, Santorini is the perfect place to do so.
Photos courtesy of Lilly Red Creative.

“Short ceremonies are the best”

YES! Stick to 30 mins max and then get the party started!

“It’s no one’s responsibility to pay for a wedding but the couple getting married”

True! Unless your parents are pushing the two of you to get married, then there’s no reason why anyone else should be financially responsible for your wedding.

“Sleeping together the night before the wedding is not a big deal”


“Changing your name to your husband’s is unnecessary, your identity is not defined by your spouse”

Unnecessary, yes, but it’s 100% your choice!

“You don’t need to be given away by anyone. you’ve made the adult decision to marry your partner”

True, but we have noticed an increase in brides “giving themselves away” or walking themselves down the aisle.

“Garter toss? I don’t even have a feminist reason why I hate it; I’ve always thought it was tacky”

Again, this is some people’s taste and not others, but I never liked the idea of having one either!

The man should be willing to change his last name to your last name”

I like it.

“Garter toss and bouquet toss are old school and should stop”

Whatever tickles your fancy, but the hate of the garter toss seems to be a more popular opinion than we thought!

“Burlap, anything related to the rustic theme should go buh-bye”

Rustic is okay but I do really dislike burlap. Reminds me of sacks full of flour.

“Dry weddings are kinda boring”

Ouch! This gal must have some boring friends, but we admit that we feel this one. We love a glass of champagne or twelve at a wedding.

“I see more negatives to an unplugged ceremony than positives”

To each their own, but we love unplugged weddings! All the better for your professional photographers.

“The bridesmaids don’t have to match”

True! We love that mismatched bridesmaids look!

Photographer: James Simmons Photography

Unpopular wedding opinions

Photographer: James Simmons Photography

“It’s not the end of the world if you have an uneven wedding party…


“Forcing your bridesmaids to change their hair color is ridiculous!”

It is a bit rude to force your bridesmaids to change their bright hair to a boring colour, after all that money and time spent perfecting their colour!

“If you hire a photographer tell your family to leave their camera/smart phone at home!”

Yeah, trust your photographer to capture those amazing wedding photos.

Photos courtesy of Ebony Tannouri Photography.

“Asking your wedding party to cover tattoos is rude”
Yeah, if you don’t like them for who they are, why are they in your bridal party?

“Telling your guests what they have to wear and are not allowed to wear is wrong”

I assume that this is in the case of wedding invitations that encourage all guests to wear a certain colour or style of attire. For some people, this makes everything to do with a social outing that much harder, so we understand this one.

“Mumzillas are worse than bridezillas”

We’re going to choose to not comment on this one.

“DIY is a NO NO..pay a professional”

We’ve got to agree, some things can be DIY, no problems, but others? Stay away. Never DIY things you’re not comfortable with, or else you may end up at 4am on your wedding day with your elbows hot glued together.

Unpopular wedding opinions

“Burlap and mason jars gotta GO”

Honey, I hate them too, let’s start a club.

“Cash bars should be eliminated”

Especially when guests aren’t aware the bar is a cash bar… now that is bad ettiquette!

“Weddings do not need to have a theme”

True! You don’t need to have a Dr Who wedding, a beach wedding or a halloween wedding, but if that’s what you and your partner want, then do it.

“Bridal party tables are overrated”

Agreed, no one wants to watch you eat anyway, they’re all to busy tucking into their own meals!

“Seating charts aren’t necessary”

I like this one, sit wherever, saves work for the couple and stress for the guests looking for their names amongst 100 others.

“Gifts aren’t necessary and neither are thank you notes”

I think giving a wedding gift and a card is nice and proper ettiquette for the couple who is hosting you, but I love the thank you notes part. My wedding was seven months ago… and I still haven’t finished those.

“Having photos of the couple as venue decor is tacky”

Does anyone here not know what you look like? Why are you reminding them?

“If you RSVP and don’t show you need to reimburse the couple for your meal”

100% YES! This needs to be a law!

“Choreographed “surprise” dances are overrated”

I get bored about 30 seconds in… what about you?

Image via YouTube

Do you have any unpopular wedding opinions? Leave a comment below!

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