To video, or not to video?

                                   To video, or not to video?

I have been thinking about whether to have a videographer at my wedding or not.

We have our photographer sorted but I am unsure about a videographer because of my budget.

We don’t want to go overboard with cost, so while I’d love to have a videograph document my big day. But I sometimes wonder if we will ever watch it.

Another part of me thinks it would be awesome to be able to sit down one day and relive my wedding day. A video is more interactive than a photo and much more emotional.

And how good would it be to watch it back with our children? Even Grandchildren?

Also, what if the whole day goes so quickly and I can’t remember anything? If I have a video, I can watch back on it.

Recently, I’ve seen a lot of videographers creating film clips to a couple’s favourite song. That interests me, too.

I’ve got lots of relatives who’ll be filming on the day, so that’s an option because I know of lots of videographers who will edit your own footage.

Hmmm, I don’t think I’m ready to make that decision yet.

I need to weigh up the pros and cons. Any feedback or thoughts?

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