The 'temporary' ring…


Technically, I got the idea to propose with one ring and then buy Jess her dream ring, from my brother who proposed to his now wife a year before I popped the quesiton.

Jess has amazing taste, so the thought of choosing something so important with no help and no Jess was overwhelming.

So, it seemed a no-brainer to buy her temporary ring, with the idea of sharing the experience of choosing the real thing together. (By sharing I mean she choses it  and I just nod!)

The “temporary” ring


Naturally, Jared had no idea what sort of ring I wanted and, to be honest, neither did I!

So, I was very impressed when Jared still proposed with a ring and I opened the box to find what Jared quickly called my “temporary ring”.

He still got to put a ring on my finger straight away and I still got to show it off and all of it was a big surprise!

But at the same time, I could go shopping with Jared to find the most perfect ring (pictures to come!).

Update: We found it. Here it is, my ‘forever’ ring.


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