The tasting

So the food, I finally found a caterer that was willing to adjust his menu and have a play around with my picnic idea for our wedding. He invited my fiance and I in, with our kids, Maid of Honor and Best Man, to have a tasting and see what we liked. Straight off the bat he said there were no obligations which made me feel really comfortable and confident in his work.

So off we went to Parkville armed with navigation systems to get to the location because city driving is a nightmare. my 4 year old daughter, was so excited to be doing something for the wedding. This girl has been dreaming of getting married ever since she saw Prince William and Katherine’s wedding. She has this idea in her head of the perfect wedding, already, and now that her Mum and Dad are getting married it’s as though she is living, yes a 4 year old, vicariously through us.

Michael, the owner and chef of Hot Dish, met us out the front and escorted us through to where he had set up. It was beautiful! I kid you not it was as though Michael had jumped into my head and pulled out every thought and idea that I had ever had. He even set out flowers and create a wonderful ambiance for the evening. I fell in love!

I noticed a massive basket on the bench that immediately captured my attention. I subtly, well I hope subtly, peeked into it as Michael escorted us to the table. Oh my god, stunning, perfection and wonderful all rolled into one. Everything was packed in it so from what I could see this was going to be a yummy evening. My fiance instantly smelt ham, I could see his eyes widen with delight knowing there was freshly cooked, smoked we later established, ham. My daughter instantly spotted the wooden utensils’, which was on my list and Pinterest board to use for the wedding, and the flowers. She sat down quickly and started playing with them which then gave us the time to have a chat with Michael about everything we were seeing.

We sat down to eat; everyone shared some wine except for me of course. Everything we had discussed via email had come to life on this table. I really could not have been happier. We loved the food. The true test of course was whether my children would like it. We have a lot of children in our family and need to know that they will enjoy the food. Michael had these little chicken wings, which were the one thing my fiance requested, but I am not doing them justice as they were so much more, and they went off with a bang. The kids, and the biggest kid of all my fiance gotta love him, absolutely loved them.

The evening finished with great conversation and torrential down pour but not even that could ruin my high… I found my caterer, I mean our caterer. Ooops.

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