The proposal…

So recently Matt, myself and a group of friends decided to holiday it up in Phuket. So day 3 in, we are all in the pool bar having a cocktail (or 2) and Matt disappears upstairs for a little bit, I didn’t notice at first he had been gone so long and then I realised and was just about to go and check on him and all of our friends stopped me and said – oh he has just gone to the bathroom, he will be back soon.

So I sat back and had another drink and he came back down, then he disappeared again, this time I was a little further through the cocktail and barely noticed he was gone.

All my friends were like, maybe you should go check on him and by this stage I was like “oh, he will be fine!” and then they said no maybe you should go and check on him, he said he wasn’t feeling well. So I asked the bar staff to call up to the room for me. Little did I know behind my head all our friends were shaking their heads at him to pretend he didn’t answer and so I thought, alright I better go.

I got out of the pool, in my towel went up and the door was ajar, I opened it and there were candles lining the entire room and floating flowers. Me being me, not catching on was like “ if you aren’t feeling well – why have you got candles everywhere?” and then he got down on one knee and even though my heart was beating so fast and I was so taken away by it, I only just remember what he said which was “Emily, I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you, will you do me the honour of being my wife” – (apparently at first  I answered with Really?)But I only remember saying “of course I will!”

Once I finally came back to reality – I asked, do all our friends know downstairs and I walked to the balcony – where they were all standing in the pool with raised glasses screaming. We then both head down to the pool where champagne was lined up along the pool bar and we all toasted and enjoyed the rest of the afternoon. As we toasted a song was playing which will now be our waltz song when we get married. Matt proposed with an “inbetween” ring (more information to come on the ring)

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