10 signs that you’ve found ‘the one’

Everyone dreams of finding the perfect match. The person you will marry and that you hope you will grow old with. In short, they are ‘The One’. So how exactly do you know when you have met them? Will there be fireworks and a choir of angels? Probably not, but that doesn’t mean that there are not some signs that you will notice. We’ve put together our top ten signs that will help you to tell if they are ‘The One’.

You can just… hang out! 

the one

Amanda and Richard’s stunning wedding.

Finding the one you are destined to be with for life means more than just having a romantic or a sexual relationship. You also need to be friends. You should be able to enjoy time spent just hanging out together, just like you would with your BFF! Whether it’s Netflix or just simply drinking tea, you need to be able to just hang out!

You’ve got chemistry

how to know you found the one If he is truly ‘The One’ for you then you will have excellent sexual chemistry. We all go through peaks and lows when it comes to sex, but overall it is important that you have similar sex drives and that your needs are compatible with one another.

You trust them completely

If you can trust each other completely without jealousy rearing its ugly head then there is a good chance that they are ‘The One’. When you see another person make eyes at him you don’t need to get jealous because you know that they love you and vice-versa.

It’s hard to imagine a life without them

Life is unpredictable at times. Sometimes we are forced to change jobs, move across the country or encounter all manner of personal upheavals. If you cannot imagine doing any of those things without them by your side then it is likely that you have found your soul mate. Whatever life throws at you, you are going to face it together!

You are part of the family


Emma and Adam’s wedding here.

Family is important and if you get married you are joining two families together. It is important that your partner is happy to spend time with your family and wants you to be a part of theirs! We all joke about the evil mother-in-law, but in reality, you know that they are ‘The One’ when both of your respective families feel safe that you are going to take care of each other.

They know your quirks

When they’re ‘The One’, they will know what makes you tick. When you eat out together it should be automatic for them to take the mushrooms off of your plate because you can’t stand them and they should never have to ask what to buy for your birthday – they usually know what will make you smile.

You aren’t worried about being perfect

When the moment comes when you no longer rush out of bed in the morning to brush your hair and gargle with mouthwash it is a good indicator that he is ‘The One’. He loves you for who you are and not even the worst morning breath or bed head can scare him off! Of course, that doesn’t mean you don’t want beautiful hair and makeup on your wedding day!

Silence isn’t awkward

the one

Emma and Adam’s perfect day here.

If they are truly ‘The One’ then you don’t have to worry about those weird silences. You should be able to sit in companionable silence each with your own thoughts. It doesn’t mean someone is in a bad mood. It’s just comfortable quiet time.

They accept you

the one

See this gorgeous bride here.

You are the person that they fell in love with, so they don’t need to push you to change. They accept those quirks even if they infuriate them because that is what makes you theirs! It won’t matter that you can’t cook or that you leave make-up stains on the towels because they love you!

They’re not shiny like you expected

the one

Even if you don’t actually have a type so to speak, there is a good chance that at some stage in your life you imagined what your future spouse would be like. However, what we think we want and what we actually need are very different. The chances are that when you do meet your soulmate, they are probably nothing like the one you imagined, but we guarantee this is a completely normal thing!

Maybe you won’t be able to check off all of these, but if you notice most of them in your relationship then there is a good chance that they are indeed ‘The One’ and you could very well find yourself walking down the aisle sometime in the not too distant future!

If he has already popped the question, then it’s time to start wedding planning!

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