The most important keepsake… Photographs!

He Says

This bloke’s ugly mug needs some soft light and good angles so as no to be stomach churning, particularly next to my gorgeous wife-to-be.

I gotta trust the person behind the lens to use just the right trickery for me. 

But seriously, our memories of the day will be shaped by what our photographer can capture. Jess did a tonne of ground work and found some amazing photos from some amazing photographers.  But we always managed to come across these stunning photos by Serendipity. Every magazine scanned and every website searched, they were the show stopper. They stood out so clearly, our choice was as good as made.

 After a meeting we had no doubt.  They have so much experience and have shot every type of wedding you could imagine. And they just seem to find the magic in everything, and the colours and composition is flawless.

Locked and loaded. They may just be the only hope for this beat up head…

She Says

Photographs were always one of the most important things to me. More important than the dress even! We plan to be reminiscing over these photos forever!!

So as soon as possible I started the search…. We looked whrough countless wedding magazines, spent hours viewing facebook pages, website galleries, reading Easy weddings reviews and visited a few wedding expos to see physical albums, but we just kept coming back to the same photographs – all taken by Serendipity!

They just ticked all the boxes for the style we wanted!!! I can’t describe what it is exactly… their photos just have the WOW factor!

We quickly organised a meeting at the Serendipity show room with my sister, who is also planning her wedding early 2014, and were so impressed we booked them in that night!

We had such a good chat and learnt so much. Julian and Sally explained everything to us from timing to locations etc. They are such professionals it made us feel very excited with our choice.

My tip when choosing your photographer: the best advice I was given – make sure you go and view the actual product! Remember you’re not just buying the photographs your investing in an album.

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