The "in-between" ring

the in-between ring Matt proposed with what we call an in-between ring.

This allowed him to propose with a ring that I could wear, but not with a diamond.
This was for 2 reasons, firstly I thought when the time comes I would like to design the ring together and secondly, we live together already and I look after the money & budget side of things. He would have had to sneak around for years for me not to notice the money.

When I explained this to other couples & friends of ours they thought it was a great idea.

I now know 3 other couples aside from us that have proposed with an in-between ring. This is good for young couples that do not have the budget up front, it allows them time to save for that perfect ring.

It was great, Matt and I had the experience of shopping for the rings together, designing them and having that moment of choosing everything together.

It was a really special moment for us and I recommend it to anyone who does not have the budget up front or are unsure of what they want.

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