The hunt for a caterer begins

So, I have been emailing I think just about every caterer in the Melbourne to get quotes and information as well as suggestions on a menu for our wedding. My fiance and I are not really food guru’s but we know we like to eat. I am surprised with the amount of caterers that would not bend from their menu to create something picnic themed, to suit our wedding theme. I received countless emails stating “We cannot help you with this.”, and that was all. My jaw dropped to the floor each time because I honestly thought that weddings were supposed to be about the couple and there is no way that any one menu is perfect for everyone.

I have a few caterers that are talking with me about it, which was a nice change, but the food is too how to I say hoity toity for us. We are looking for yum but also picnic so it can’t be too fancy, but at the same time I don’t want to throw some sangas in a basket and vwala. Ok I am sounding very bridezilla right now, I know, but I’m not. Really, I’m not. I just know that people talk about your food months and months after the event and I don’t particularly want to hear bad things.

So, this is the idea that I have at the moment: Foccacia’s, Cheese Platter and Chicken wings. Chicken wings, whilst they seem odd, are the one thing that my fiance has as a must have on the menu. I have posted on Facebook heaps of times asking people what they put in their picnic baskets but still haven’t really found anything wonderful. I am talking with a couple of caterers via email at the moment about idea’s but nothing is really jumping out or keep well enough within the theme.
So I ask… What would you have in your picnic basket on a Summers evening?

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