The Force is strong with this wedding photo…

Image: Little Blue Lemon Photography

Image: Little Blue Lemon Photography

Ok, so I know we said that this wedding photo (of a bridal party being chased by dinosaurs) was the best one ever but then the equally cool image above surfaced. And now we’re utterly torn.

Toronto couple Leslie Seiler and Paul Kingston love Star Wars almost as much as they do each other, and they decided to reflect their mutual adoration for George Lucas’ iconic sci-fi flicks in their own wedding photos.

The result is, well, fabulous.

According to their photographer (and long-time friend) Tony Lombardo of Little Blue Lemon Photography, he was about to shoot the couple’s wedding photos when he received a text from a fellow photographer sharing the now famous dino-bombing wedding photo.

Inspiration struck. Knowing of the couple’s love for Star Wars, Tony pitched the idea to the newlyweds who instantly agreed.

‘The next thing we knew, the crew was halting traffic on the busy street in front of their venue and we told the bridal party to run as if giant laser-firing robots were chasing them.

It certainly helped that half the bridal party are professional performers and could convincingly pull off looking terrified while running for their lives.

‘We shot it in one take, seeing as you only get one take when asking ladies to run for their lives in heels!” Tony adds.

After the wedding, Tony photographed one of his son’s AT-AT toys, mini versions of the giant and heavily armed Imperial transport vehicles featured in The Empire Strikes Back, and lovingly Photoshopped them into the background.

“Had not all of these elements come together on the day,” says Tony, “we doubt it would have worked this well. It was truly a magical photo on a magical day.”


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