The dreaded wedding burn out

So, as you can imagine, I come in contact with a lot of wedding related information during my day. I know you’re shocked but it’s true.

Between all of our suppliers and the real weddings from our brides I am surrounded by weddings all day, every day! Don’t get me wrong – I love it, there is always some thing new and different and the creativity of our brides never ceases to amaze me – we have some beautiful Real Weddings on our site make sure you have a look.

But planning my own wedding in the midst of all of this? At first it was all systems go, I knew what I wanted and where to find it. Then you decide on something else and all of a sudden my intimate little vineyard wedding is a three-ring circus. Not as much fun.

As a general rule most weddings take any where between 12-18 months to plan – although I do know of some exceptions I’ve seen weddings planned in a month! But I think I may have started a bit too early, given that we knew what we wanted and where to find it (mostly).

Plus I really want to avoid turning into a Bridezilla – so far the whole process has been stress free and fun! So I have taken a break – I’m going to leave things for a month or two – at least until we are done with the engagement party – and then slowly get back into it. I think the adrenalin of planning such a big event has run out, so every bouquet, limo and dress looks exactly the same!

Wedding Planning bride groom flowers reception

As stunning as this look is - I am trying to avoid being a Bridezilla!

Having to deal with family dramas, work and life in general has taken some of the shine from my wedding planning – although as soon as I find the perfect bridesmaids earrings i’m sure this will be a different story!

Have any of you had wedding burn out? Was it because of the stress or did you just start planning too early?

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