Oh, no! I have to let someone else make my wedding cake…

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I have found the perfect place to make my cake!

As you may or may not know, I love to bake, and I particularly love baking cakes. So, for me, finding the perfect wedding cake is very, very important.

If I will be handing over this task to someone else, I need to make sure it is going to be absolutely perfect.

I ummed and ahhed about baking and decorating my own cake, but I quickly realised that it will just be too stressful for me to make my own cake. Yes, I had to put it in the hands of someone else.

It was really hard for me to let go of my wedding cake. I made my own engagement cake (and my sister Jess’ engagement cake) and I make most of the cakes for all my family functions. I know what I want and I thought it would be too hard to convey this to someone else and get the to understand exactly what is in my head.

I looked around and there are some pretty amazing cake makers out there, but I still couldn’t choose. Then I found Particular Cakes!

They were recommended to me by a work colleague who showed me a cake they had made. Then I suddenly realise that I knew these guys. I used to buy their cakes many years ago when I worked in the city. They’d come around on a cart and had some amazing flavours and they were always the talk of the office after one of their visits.

It seemed like fate!

So, I made an appointment to go out and have a chat with Cheryl at their showroom in Springvale (in Melbourne). I knew I wanted white chocolate mud and Cheryl had one ready to go. As much as she tried to tempt me to go with a chocolate cake (and I must admit, she almost succeeded since here chocolate cake had like a chocolate mousse as a frosting), but her white chocolate mud smelled so delicious – and it tasted even better!

We were able to take the rest of the cake home too!

Cheryl took us through the consultation of how many tiers we would need based on the guests. As we are having desert at our wedding, we chose to have coffee portions. There are two types of portions with cakes, coffee and dessert. Dessert are about twice the size of coffee portions. Also square cakes get more portions out of them than round cakes. So, there was a lot to take into consideration.

We chose white chocolate mud as we are having one of our desserts as chocolate and I didn’t want to overload on chocolate. Also, being summer, we wanted something a little lighter.

The work they do is so fantastic and I could not think of a more perfect company to make my cake.

I will not give away the design of the cake just yet… stay tuned.

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