The Buck versus the Hen

He Says

It is gonna get rowdy. I’m bulking up now to try to make sure I can overpower my groomsmen if they try tying me to a power pole; you have got to be prepared.

Last night of freedom they say. You get mixed messages when you discuss the different options of how a Bucks party should go. Some say ‘that the wild, caveman style drinking games and unabridged nudity is a thing of the past, you should stick to just a subdued affair‘. Others say ‘you are not doing it right unless you end up in a coma, arrested or waking up on a cargo ship on course for Guatemala’.

But a lot of the typical things that blokes get up to for the bucks, don’t really float my boat. I don’t want to go the races or a night club or a pub crawl.  As for the unsavoury and M- rated things associated with a bucks party – I am not so keen to partake.

There is one thing on my agenda as a must do. Some live music, locally.  Some quiet beers and then just talk some nonsense. It’s going to be a fairly open invitation that my groomsmen will send out. I trust I will end up getting a good crowd of lads who I thoroughly enjoy a chinwag with.

As you can tell I’m keeping it pretty simple.  But that is only my hope, I can bulk up all I want to attempt to fight them off, but I know only too well that my mates will have their way. I trust ‘em completely of course.

I just hope a live to tell the tale (or Jess will kill the lot of them).

She Says

Apart from the wedding night… The hen’s party has to be one of the most important nights on the social calendar!!! And I must admit I am VERY excited!

The date has been set, as I wanted to make sure it wasn’t too close to the wedding (don’t want to still be recovering on the big day!) but it couldn’t be too early as my MOH will be coming all the way from London. So we have locked in 2 weeks before the wedding – perfect!

Apart from choosing the date I hadn’t really thought about it, until I find out that my three lovely bridesmaids have been going behind my back and sending private emails to each other (I secretly love it!!!). And basically all the organising is already going on behind the scenes and all I have to do is rock up – again, perfect!

So what makes a perfect Hens night….?

As a bride to be and also a bridesmaid early next year, I have thought a lot about this one and have lots of ideas running through my head:

High Tea!

High Tea!

  • Classy High Tea
  • Cruise on the Yarra
  • Hire a cocktail maker (possibly topless… raow!)

    You never know if there will be a fire...

    You never know if there will be a fire…

  • Tarot card reader
  • Dress up party
  • Winery tour
  • Karaoke bar
  • Photo shoot with all the gals
  • Teppanyaki experience
  • Hair/nails/make up tutorials
  • Cooking class or cupcake decorating

What to do…

From the recent discussions I’ve had with my girlfriends, it seems the latest trends include classy alternatives. We’ve done the willy straws, we’ve done the pin the ‘you know what’ on the ‘you know what’ and we’ve done the “L” plates (ok, I think there will always be a few willy straws!). But these days girls are certainly stepping it up a notch when it comes to planning a modern day hen’s party. I can’t wait to see what my girls have organised for me and am equally as excited to join forces with my sisters other bridesmaids to plan her big night.


I’d love to say that I will follow up with photos… but I think it still stands – what happens on a Hens night, stays on the Hens night!

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