10 of our favourite wedding proposals – EVER!

10 of our favourite surprise wedding proposals Be it a private proposal witnessed just by two or a grand affair involving hundreds of strangers (and, sometimes, even marching bands), who doesn’t love a surprise wedding proposal?

In no particular order, we’ve pulled together 10 of our all-time favourites and, from the bloke who serenaded his gal in Disneyland to the man who enlisted the help of scuba divers, each has a happy ending – and, usually, a teary one too. So, be sure to grab a box of tissues before hitting play.

Oh, and be warned, Bruno Mars’ proposal favourite I Think I Want To Marry You features a disproportionate number of times!

Happy viewing and please tell us, which is your favourite below.

This very real proposal is infused with a heart-stopping prank and we found it rather hilarious – but we can see why the bride-to-be may not have!

•••Warm and fun, what gal could refuse this heartfelt request?

•••This groom-to-be thought long and hard about how he wanted to ask his gal to be his wife. Talk about creative!

•••An oldie but a goodie, this is one of our favourite and most creative proposals!

•••This wannabe groom enlisted the help of scuba divers to pop the question.

•••You’ll love the surprising (and absolutely lovely) twist in this airport proposal.

•••Big and dramatic, this proposal has some serious ‘wow’ factor.

•••A walk through New York’s Central Park turned into something very special for Rani.

•••This groom-to-be says “For the past seven years, it’s been an honour to call you my girlfriend. Now, I’d would like to have you as my wife…”. And who could say no to that? Awww.

•••A man who can dance? Well, who can say no to that?

If you liked these videos, check out this fabulous story of a Queensland bride-to-be who popped the question to her bloke after sending him on a treasure hunt! How fun, eh? Which is your favourite? Perhaps you have a favourite that didn’t make the list? Why not share your thoughts below.

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