Terrified of heights, photographer endures 14-hour climb for stunning cliff-face wedding shoot

Endjis and Elina Perkons’ 4,500-foot wedding photos taken by photographer Brian Ruebs. Image: the Daily Mail

Brian Ruebs, who photographed these stunning wedding photos, is scared of heights – yet he put aside his fears to snap hikers Endjis and Elina Perkons’ wedding photos.

Newlyweds Endjis and Elina Perksons have a show-stopping wedding photo album to share with their grandkids thanks to the extra mile (or eight) their Californian wedding photographer went to in order to capture their marriage snaps – ad 4,500 feet above sea level.

The once-in-a-lifetime bridal photos were taken on a perfect day with a clear blue sky as the backdrop at Yosemite National Park, USA.

Brian, 42, says he accepted the job – without asking about the specific.

“I had already agreed to the shoot before I really looked into the hike,” said the apprehensive wedding photographer, “and the height thing…

“All of the fear came after I’d already said ‘Yes’.”

Setting off at the crack of dawn (5.20am), the trio vacuum-packed rucksacks with everything they’d need for the shoot including a bottle of champagne to celebrate and even the wedding dress!

More than 14 hours later, they arrived at the peak of the picturesque Half-Dome Mountain.

Elina Perkons’ wedding ceremony photo taken at 4,200 feet by photographer Brian Ruebs. Image: the Daily Mail

Initially Ruebs was reluctant to climb at all; “I get it – kids do this hike… but for anyone who is scared of heights, it’s a chore, and climbing those cables after a long eight miles uphill isn’t fun,” he told the Daily Mail.

“Everyone has been really great about the images, though – which helps make up for the long hike. It was an awesome day, and one I surely won’t forget.”

Just before the sun went down, the couple were able to pose for breath-taking wedding photos on the very edge of head-spinning cliffs. We’re sure these bridal snaps will sit on their fireplace for many years!

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