Techie trends for using QR codes in your wedding

using qr codes in wedding main Brides and grooms are forever trying to streamline the process of communicating with their guests. From emails to Facebook groups, it’s all about making the two-way conversation an easy flow. And saving some money in the process.

One of the latest innovations coming into play with this is the QR code, which stands for quick response code. You’ve probably seen one of them before, but for anyone who doesn’t know, they’re a specifically created barcode that, when scanned with a special smartphone reader, reveals a wealth of further information.

Here’s 10 examples of how you can use them in wedding stationery.

Man of the hour

using qr codes in wedding6

There’s so many thoughtful ways to let the groom know you’re thinking of him on the morning of your big day. Here, a handwritten note gets a modern edge with a special message revealed for his eyes only via code.


1000 words

using qr codes in weddings

There’s never any shortage of guests clicking away on their phones at a wedding, so tap into their enthusiasm by creating a code that will take them straight to Instagram to upload their happy and even whacky shots.

Photo: Etsy vendor Bling Sparkles Oh My

Recorded for posterity

using qr codes in weddings

From fingerprint trees to photo books, you’d think we’d seen it all with guest books. But this is a real showstopper – a work of art containing a code that takes guests to a personal message page and also somewhere to leave their greeting.

Photo: Etsy vendor colorelish

Good enough to eat

using qr codes in weddings

It had to happen – someone finally figured out how to recreate a QR code in icing to create the kind of wedding cake that’s just perfect for a couple which loves technology in all its forms.

Photo: 2d code

The full picture

using qr codes in weddings

Codes such as this letterpressed one can be a very effective way to keep an invitation design looking clean and uncluttered. You simply give guests basic details such as date, time and venue and then let them scan for the rest.

Photo: Black Wolf Press

At the table

using qr codes in weddings

Now this is a clever idea. Jazz up your table numbers with a code that leads somewhere entertaining. It could be a timeline of your relationship, a video with a message of thanks or even a behind-the-scenes gallery of stuff like your dancing lessons.

Photo: Qreate and track

Please respond

using qr codes in weddings

Anybody who’s been married knows how hard it can be to get guests to RSVP in a timely fashion. Enter the QR code, which streamlines the process. No need for a snail mail reply, just scan, click yes or nor and you’re good to go.

Photo: Pinterest

Smaller touches

using qr codes in weddings

We’ve all seen personalised stamps, but these are personalised STAMPS, which come complete with a tiny code. It’s something guests might not immediately see, but is the perfect way to start spreading the news.

Photo: Zazzle Stamps

More information

using qr codes in weddings

With many a wedding held out of town or even overseas, many couples research accommodation, transport etc for guests. There can be a lot to tell, but codes let you avoid a massive list in favour of links to relevant sites. Short and sweet.

Photo: Pinterest

Gift of love

using qr codes in weddings

Registries are a pretty traditional part of a wedding, but that doesn’t mean you can’t present them in modern style. With a QR code, guests can link directly to your registry to buy and browse. A great way to save them time and effort.

Photo: Esty vendor Arrow and Ink Designs

Trio of tips for using QR codes

  • Let people know in some way where and how they can download a QR code scanner.
  • Remember that you don’t want the stationery, table numbers etc to look too much like an official document with a stamp. So blend the QR code into the design rather than simply putting it on top.
  • Remember that older generations are not necessarily comfortable with technology. So don’t use a code to replace all the information, but to enhance it.
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