Tattoos: mask or masquerade?

I have a few tattoos; they are covering areas of my body that have scars on them.  It was my solution to everyone asking about the scars – a little drastic I know; but it worked!

Most of them aren’t visible, not unless I show them to you. However, there is one on my shoulder that will be clearly visible when I am wearing a strapless wedding dress.

Tattoo wedding cover makeup

My tattoo

Initially I was going to cover up the tattoo as most of my family will be there – but then I realised they know I have a tattoo, why cover it? So I started looking at ways to jazz it up, and I came across some interesting images in Google.

Tattoo bride bridal henna glitter makeup wedding ceremony

Some ideas for blinging up my tattoo

Now I am thinking of getting some glittery body paint just to add a bit of sparkle to it.  I will have to test out some paints to see if they achieve the desired affect, I don’t want it to be too covered I’d still like parts of the tattoo to show through, but as with all paints i’m not sure what the consistency will be like.

Tattoo bride bridal henna glitter makeup wedding ceremony

I like the silvery white colour but will more than likely go with bronze/gold to match my skin tone

Otherwise some alternatives I have come across are glitter henna paste, spirit gum and glitter or glitter glue.  Any excuse to go shopping really, but then I’ve never really needed one.

Will need to recruit my Maid of Honour for this project I think or there will be some interesting – not in a good way – results. So happy campers will have lots of pics for you in the coming weeks.  Oh! I am Karishmafying my shoes this weekend so stay tuned!

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