Swinging into action

Swings at a wedding

There something very romantic about a gorgeous wedding swing covered in fresh flowers, but if you think that’s the only thing you can do with swings, you’re wrong. And here are 10 inspiring ideas for sensational swing shots to prove it….

Group shot

Swings at a wedding

You’ve seen beautiful swings look dreamy and ethereal, but when you get the groom and his guys in on the action, it’s suddenly less about a delicate pose and more about how hard they can push.

Photo: Big Island Hawaii Wedding Photography

Just married

Swings at a wedding

You’d usually find this sign (perhaps accompanied by a few tin cans) hanging from the back of the car in which the bride and groom make their escape from the reception. But we say it looks even better when viewed from behind.

Photo: Cassidy Carson Photography

Double duty

Swings at a wedding

If you can share your lives, you can certainly share your swing. It’s a lovely casual moment to capture, also giving prime access for an oh-so-romantic whisper in the ear. There’s just one problem – who’s going to give you a push?

Photo:: Kate Love Photo


Swings at a wedding

Cherubic little boys dressed up in a spiffy suit are guaranteed to make guests’ hearts melt. But when you then pop them on a swing together, you immediately amplify the cuteness factor by 1000.

Photo: Kristyn Hogan Photography

Couch potatoes

Swings at a wedding

This time it’s not the people taking centre stage in the photo, but the swing itself. No plain wooden bench here, this one is all about uber comfort, finding a new use for a living room favourite, complete with lots of cushions.

Photo: Sarah Legge Photography

Blooming beautiful

Swings at a wedding

Bouquets generally feature in more photos than not, usually in the hands of the bride and her attendants. But, given they’re usually so intricate, so beautiful and so meaningful, we say they’re worth a few solo shots of their own.

Photo: Pinterest

Deliciously decadent

in the swing4

When The Big Bang Theory’s Kaley Cuoco chose a chandelier wedding cake, it opened up people’s minds to a different way of displaying them. Enter the idea of a wedding cake swing, which helps ensures it looks just as good as it tastes.

Photo: Joshua Aaron Photography

All in one

Swings at a wedding

The bridal party is on the go all day, with lots of opportunities for great images – from a glass of bubbles to piling into the limo to head to the ceremony. Among all that, a swing shot offers a nice bit of calm – plus a chance to involve your pet too.

Photo: Katie Corinne Photography

Tender moments

Swings at a wedding

They say a kiss is just a kiss, but nothing could be further from the truth when delivered in such tender fashion. For something a bit more energetic, you could try a smooch mid swing – but first make sure your co-ordination is up to it.

Photo: Little Arrow

On the catwalk

Swings at a wedding

On a day when THE dress takes centre stage, the height offered by a swing offers the perfect opportunity to climb on board and let the bottom of the dress fall beautifully to its full length to showcase any intricate and classic detailing.

Photo: Magnolia Events

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