Stunning succulents for your big day

succulent bouquet
Flowers may make a bouquet, but as more and more brides are discovering, it’s succulents that can help to add new vibrancy, colour and poise. Here are 10 succulent bouquet (and a centrepiece) we love, in no particular order.

Make a splash

A little bit of dark green goes a long way as texture takes priority over vibrant hues to create a classic and elegant bouquet that picks up a touch of modern style with a few carefully inserted succulents.

1 Image: Chanel Rose

Think pink

We’ll admit it – succulents aren’t the first accompaniment that comes to mind in a gorgeous rainbow of pinks, fuschias and oranges. But somehow it works. And how.

2 Image: Corn Cops

Supporting act

They may not take centre stage in an ensemble that draws on beautiful heavy colours, but there’s no doubting the elegant simplicity of these succulents makes everything else ‘pop’ just that little bit more.

Sterling silver

It’s said every cloud has a silver lining, but we’re pretty sure that extends to this bouquet too, with its beautiful and unusual succulent accents. Such a soft and beautiful palette.

Clean and crisp

On the other hand, there’s nothing background about the succulents in this bouquet. They want attention and are happy to play off their white and purple floral rivals to claim it. Wow.


Image: Cactus Flower

Wild about flowers

With a little bit of everything from natives to thistles, this loose bouquet looks like it was collected from a meadow of wildflowers on the way to the ceremony. Perfect for a day with bohemian flair.

succulents and bouquets

Image: Etsy

Bright and breezy

It takes great restraint and true artistry to understand how to best frame blooms so beautiful they need no enhancement. Consider the perfect placement of a single succulent a great lesson in how to do it.

cactus bouquet

Image: Flowers St Germain

Colour match

They say blue and green should never be seen, but orange, white, yellow and green? This is one colour combination that definitely needs nothing in between.


Image: Cactus Creek Daily

The green and gold

With its oh-so Australian hues, this bouquet feels like it was made specifically for a wedding Down Under. And how good those glorious buttercup ranunculuses look?


Image: Desdemona’s Handkerchief

Wow factor

We have it on good authority this 100% succulent bouquet includes such unique plants as variegated bear’s paw, crassula moonglow and purple pachyveria. All we know is, we want it!


Image: Succulently Urban

And, though they’re not bouquets, we still loved these succulent boutonnieres so much, we had to include them.

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