Step right up: Our circus engagement party was a success!

Wow, OMG and phew all at once!

I am glad it’s over, my engagement party, but sad to see it gone all at the same time. I, did however, actually got the opportunity to enjoy myself which, if you host parties you know, is rare.

Before I blab on about how great it is you need to know that I had some amazing people helping on the night and some people that I did not even expect to help. So a big fat thank you to everyone who helped out!

Now, where to start where to start?

 I bought some awesome signs from eBay to put all around the party that look really circusy and it set the mood as soon as my guests walked in. There was one for entry, games, popcorn, fairy floss actually.. no that I think about it I don’t think I even put up the food signs… Ooops.

I made my own games, you will see how I did that in a another post, wit the help of a good friend. These were a huge hit with the kids, which was my plan, but I was surprised with how many adults got involved too.

As promised we had fairy floss, which ended up being a case of who could actually make the perfect stick and well.. I won, popcorn, mini hot dogs, corn dogs, mini corn on the cob, sliders and I have lost track. I will have a post showing in a bit more detail my food… nom nom nom is all I need to say.

Not as easy as it looks

My awesome fairy flossing skills on display

We had the jumping castle and it was phenomenal. We got one with a slide and a basketball ring, yet no ball odd. I didn’t really get to jump in it until the end of the night when the numbers dwindled but boy when I got in there you could not get me out!

I cannot forget the token clown that we had. I couldn’t, and wouldn’t have, get a real clown because my maid of honor, who hosted the evening at her house, is petrified of them. So I settled for a fake one… on the wall, under my awesome circus tent draping made purely out of table cloths… yes plastic table clothes. I will show you how in a post separate to this one too.

You need to see the cake my sister made for us!

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