Spectacular ideas for your wedding tables

Wedding Photos for Joni & David Of all the spots at a wedding – bar, maybe, the dance floor – the reception table is where guests spend most of their time. So it’s worth getting creative to fashion a setting which is elegant, enticing and, above all, eye-catching. Here are 10 inspirations to help spark those creative juices.

Feeling blue

stunning wedding tables

Every element on this table pays beautiful homage to the ocean and the beaches, from sunbleached starfish and sea-hued candle holders to the lengths of natural driftwood that travel down the centre of the table pulling the look together, from succulents and shells to beyond.

Photo: Hochzeit’s Guide

Bold and beautiful

stunning wedding tables

A gorgeous rainbow of flowers in bloom winds its way down the heart of a long table to anchor the feel of a beautiful private haven closed in by a roof of greenery dotted with terrariums. Mismatched chairs and a piece of fresh fruit at each setting add the finishing touches to a theme that is simply bursting with joy.

Photo: Love and Splendor

Heightened attraction

stunning wedding tables

Some table designs focus on colour. Others on texture. And still others on height. But when you bring them all together, the overall affect is sensational. The trick, as always, is balance, to ensure no one element – be it the native wildflowers or tall glass vases – overpowers the others.

Photo: Evantine Design

Berry, berry nice

stunning wedding tables

You’ve heard the saying ‘that looks good enough to eat’, and that’s exactly what you get with a table design that draws inspiration from the gorgeous shades and textures of plump, juicy berries. Think dusky shades of raspberry, draped bunches of grapes and lush succulents as accents. Delicious in every regard.

Photo: Julia Winkler

Doing it for the kids

stunning wedding tables

They may be mini, but you can still create maximum appeal for your youngest guests with a simple but beautifully designed children’s table. Think lollies (but not too many), paper and activity books galore and pencils and crayons in every colour of the rainbow.

Photo: Kristyn Hogan Photography

At the farm

stunning tablescapes1

This display – lush being the first word that springs to mind – looks like someone wandered out into a field of wildflowers and picked everything they came across. And that’s divine. Mother nature is a work of beauty and well deserves a spotlight on everything from fresh flowers to balls of moss.

Photo: Modern DIY Art Design Collection

Mother Nature

stunning wedding tables

Now this is a green to envy. For anyone who was a fan of Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series, it feels like something out of Edward and Bella’s forest wedding. The whole scene evokes pared-back sophistication, from seats hewn from trees to classic table settings under the watchful eye of a candelabra. Perfection.

Photo: Mark Davidson Photographer

Riot of colour

stunning tablescapes11

It doesn’t take an international linguist to work out you’re looking at the bride and groom’s seats. And what a glorious surrounds of colour and personality. We particularly love the fact no two flowers in the tablescape are the same colour, heights, size or anything. But somehow, it just works.

Photo: Dino Gomez Photography

All white is all right

stunning wedding tables

Without colour to add interest, clever designers must turn to other tricks of the trade, such as height, accent and texture, to create eye-catching displays. Here, small trees decked out in fat white flowers, tealights and terrariums prove that sometimes, a something blue is just not needed.

Photo: Troy Grover Photographers

Mint to be

stunning wedding tables

Mint is a wonderfully diverse theme for a wedding, as it can not only encompass the colour scheme. but also the flavours of the menu. Pairing it with gold – and gold sequins at that – may be a little unusual, but with the addition of succulents, the prettily pale shade jumps off the page.

Photo: Chanel Rose

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