Something blue: a classy (but very cool) wedding colour scheme

Dark blue is a wonderfully flexible colour choice for any wedding. It is timeless and elegant, but use a little imagination and pair it with unconventional shades and it can look, well, utterly cool.

Dark or navy blue looks spectacular with gold, silver and even beige for a more traditional, elegant look, but match it with lighter shades of blue, as well as greens and whites for a more contemporary look.

Some of these gorgeous navy blue wedding touches will have you feeling, well, anything but blue!

The shoes

Dark blue wedding shoes

These navy blue satin shoes are highlighted with lace accents. Image: Etsy

What better way to take care of your “something blue” than by adding a little pop of colour to your feet? Blue shoes are also a wonderful way to incorporate such a vibrant colour into your overall wedding look without it becoming overbearing.

The garter

Navy blue wedding garter

Image: ebay

Even more personal than shoes, your garter is an intimate way to bring yet another navy blue detail to your big day. Today, garters go beyond traditional white lace affairs and are available in every colour and fabric imaginable. They range from simple strips of material to intricate and exquisite creations that can be customised in a variety of ways.

The tie

Navy blue and polkadot tie
Your groom, too, can have a little navy blue fun with this old-school but still fun polka dot bow tie. Contrary to traditional fashion, navy blue and black are perfectly acceptable to wear together if paired thoughtfully – and the colour shines with a grey suit. For an extra spot of blue, match this tie with a patternless navy pocket square.

The flowers

Cornflowers can be stunning when paired with crisp white flowers of any kind. Image: Jo Hicks Flowers

Image: Jo Hicks Flowers

Flowers are an excellent and subtle way to incorporate blue into your wedding. Cornflowers are stunning on their own, but when paired with crisp white flowers of any kind, they shine. Cornflowers (or even white flowers that have been dyed blue, though they generally don’t look as good as naturally blue petals) can be incorporated into bouquet, boutonnieres  or in centrepieces and table setting. Cornflower paired en mass blooms such as calla lilies and roses can produce a more formal floral statement, as above.


The favours
Blue favour box

Adding dashes of blue to your favours allows your navy theme to continue. The easiest way of doing so is to package up your bomboniere in matching navy blue bags or boxes. However, most traditional favours, such as sugared almonds come in a variety of colours and, though navy blue almonds don’t sound terribly appealing, they are available in delectable-looking shades of power blue. Another sweet option are customised M&Ms. There are plenty of services that will customise them with your names, faces, or wedding date.

Bride and bridesmaids’ clutches

Blue and white wedding clutches

How elegant do these eye-catching clutches look. They’re perfect for brides and bridesmaids and ensure both can keep their most essential items with them throughout the big day. The blue ones would add a lovely pop of colour to a white or ivory wedding gown, while the white ones would look lovely with dark blue bridesmaids’ dresses.

The invitations

Navy Blue wedding invitations

Image: Etsy

Your wedding invitations are usually the first peek your guests will have of your big day and its theming. You can share your bold colour palate starting with the official invitations and Save the Date cards. Of course, you can customise your invites to match whatever theme or style your wedding will have, but if you’re after timeless and elegant, well, the picture above says it all.

Table numbers are an often unused opportunity to continue a couple’s overall wedding theme. Simply making the numbers’ font navy blue can add personality to an otherwise bland wedding necessity or, as above, reversing it and having white text on a blue background is bold and dramatic.

The cake


The wedding cake is always an excellent way of projecting a couple’s unique personality and, though a navy blue cake doesn’t sound that appealing, the picture above proves it most certainly can be. Incorporating navy blue into the cake will tie it in with the rest of the wedding, as well as give it a little flair. If you prefer something more daring than a navy blue ribbon accent on a traditional white cake, ask your cake maker to ice entire cake in dark blue (as above).


Ring bearer pillows
Navy blue ring bearer pillow

Abandoning the traditional plain white, lace-covered ring bearer pillow for a more colourful option will bring a little personality to your wedding ceremony. Either purchase an entirely blue pillow and accent it with white ribbons, or you can purchase a ready-made ring pillow such as the one above. The same can also be done with the flower girl baskets. Simply add a little navy trimming or cornflowers to them so that it ties in perfectly with your overall theme.

Chair coverings
Navy blue chair covers

Chair coverings add colour and detail to a reception space. Traditionally, they are white and may have a bow around them that provides a colour accent (as above), but for even more blue, you can order navy chair coverings. They look most dramatic, especially when paired with a crisp white ribbon.

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