So, we changed our ceremony location – to LUNA PARK!

He Says

Rain, wind, scorching sun – No, I’m not summoning Captain Planet. These are the risks in holding an outdoors wedding, all of which aren’t that scary when you have a good back-up plan.

We didn’t – and it’s more than likely to be a blustery cold day when we wed.

What’s the easiest way to avoid this issue? In our case, there was an easy fix. Change the ceremony venue. Oh, wait, that won’t be easy – that will be horribly difficult!

The stress levels sky-rocketed when we began looking around for an alternative ceremony venue. We wanted it to be close to the reception in St. Kilda, obviously indoors to avoid weather issues, it has to be somewhat affordable, and most of all, it had to be incredible in every other way. So yeah, this wasn’t going to be easy.

And to the rescue is Melbourne oldest and dearest theme park. It’s possibly the coolest thing ever (and I’m downplaying that). We are getting married at the one and only Luna Park. Kudos goes fully to Jess on finding it as an option and sussing out a meeting with them.  It ticks all the boxes. The room is great. It visually is different in just the right way and has amazing views of the bay and the park itself. It’s very quirky, which is really great. Love being different.

Function room with a view!

Function room with a view!

She Says

I know this sounds kinda ridiculous, but after several discussions we decided it was the best to change the location of our ceremony…

Our original plan was to get married on a roof top at an incredible St Kilda venue. We were very excited by this idea when we first booked our reception, the ocean air, the view of St Kilda beach, it was simply amazing! But after several discussions with family, friends and some of our suppliers and constantly being asked “so what’s plan B in case of bad weather?”, we started thinking: What if it’s is too hot? Too cold? Rainy? Windy?

We didn’t think it would be wise to take on Melbourne’s famously unpredictable weather leading up to the wedding. We just didn’t need the stress.

I know this is a common stress for all outdoor weddings, so what do most people do, we wondered?

At first we didn’t think we would actually change the location, but one night we flicked through the Easy Weddings directory for function rooms in St Kilda. We only wanted St Kilda as it is really important to us that we have a ceremony and reception close by to make it as easy and stress free for our guests. When my search threw up Luna Park, Jared and I had a good chuckle at the idea and decided to have a look, more out of curiosity than anything. But, we loved it!!!

The next day I rang the events coordinator (Sam) and set up a private tour of the castle (a.k.a function room). We had a good chat about all the function options and they were very flexible and accommodating. The room is lined with windows and has a great view of the park as a back drop. But what really won me over is when we discussed the photo opportunities. I’m imagining romantic photos on the carousel, group photos on the Ferris wheel and fun photos with the laughing clowns!

Amazing photo opportunities...

Amazing photo opportunities…

We are absolutely ecstatic and just can’t wait!!

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