Short wedding hair ideas for the short haired bride

Most of the brides we see in magazines have long hair so is it necessary to grow your hair just for your wedding day? No of course not, there are a number of cheeky, sweet or glamorous short wedding hairstyles out there, so you don’t have book hair extensions just yet. Here are some short wedding hair ideas to keep in mind:

short wedding hair

Curly short wedding hair ideas

If you are blessed with a curly hair, the chances are you’ve been straightening it your entire life, but on your special day you should celebrate your curls and take advantage of them by creating a stunning style. Small silk flowers such as white rosebuds look fantastic pinned into short curly hair. Apply frizz serum to calm your hair and accentuate your curls, and include clips or a headband to provide shape and structure to your hair.

Layered short wedding hair ideas

The hottest short hair style for this season is the pixie. The pixie is perfect together with a cute short veil, and is regularly accessorized with a contemporary side band or fine-toothed Alice band. Additionally, a pixie cut can be worn with a single flower tucked behind one ear. It features very short, layered hair at the back that could be tousled. Hair at the front should be a tad longer and sleeker, and could be worn with a straight fringe or with a side parting. The structure created by the pixie look is great for accentuating the neck, and it goes well together with the current trend for chandelier earrings.

short wedding hair

Bobbed short wedding hair ideas

The bob is a classic style that never goes out of fashion and is easy to maintain. There are a number of ways to wear the bob depending on the look of your wedding dress and your personality:

  • The half up bob is a feminine style for shorter haired brides. Two portions from the front of the hair are pulled back and clipped just behind the crown of your head. The hair clip can be decorated with feathers, flowers, or crystals, and small sections of hair could be left loose to frame the face. The pulled back portions can be braided for a softer touch.
  • The straightened bob is a chic contemporary look, slightly longer at the front than at the back. The hair is parted in the middle and is lifted at the roots for additional volume. Like the name suggests the hair is sleek and straight, even though it curls in slightly at the ends, which should just reach your jaw line. A simple narrow Alice band will go well with this look without making your hair too fussy.
  • The retro or vintage bob has additional waves and goes the best with a vintage dress. It is worn with a side parting and at the front the hair waves inwards close to the eye line. The hair can be clipped back with a vintage hair slide on the opposite side to the parting – think Downton’s Lady Mary!
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