This was my second favourite search – ok I lie – this was my other favourite search – wedding shoes!

It was also the hardest search – there are literally millions of pairs of shoes and they were all sky high! Craig and I are similar heights, he may be a few inches taller, so wearing a pair of 5 inch heels was going to make for some interesting wedding photos. More to the point I didn’t want to look like a new born baby giraffe walking down the aisle.

Manalo Blahnik Wedding Shoes

My dream wedding shoes - if only I was willing to risk a broken leg!

I really wanted mid to low heels that weren’t white, so my wedding shoes search in Google didn’t help much! When I started planning I planned on wearing a long dress for the ceremony, so  I wanted red shoes, but as my dress is tea length I decided to go the champage/neutrals route.

After a few weeks all the shoes blended into one and it felt like everyone had the same collection of shoes. Back to the forum! Some of the girls were looking at wedding shoes that were almost right but not quite, and in a surge of inspiration I suggested that they buy plain shoes and then decorate them the way they wanted…Not sure where this wisdom was 2 months ago!

So I started again, this time just looking for the right colour and style, simple right? Nooooo.  I would either find the right colour, right style or the right heel. The shoe gods were being particularly unkind, so I offered up a sacrifice – by culling my current collection…and they were appeased!

Wedding Ceremony Shoes

Meet Vera - my pretty ceremony shoes

Therapy Shoes had the perfect pair; champagne colour – check, low heel – check, right style – check! Just waiting for them to arrive so I can start Karishmafying them! Will definitely let you know how that goes!

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