She smoked throughout the wedding ceremony, got drunk and hijacked the speeches before abandoning her children. Is this the worst bridesmaid ever?

Is this the worst bridesmaid ever?

Yes, that is a bridesmaid – going flying across a room – at her friend’s hen’s party! Image: Gypsy Brides

One young English bride’s wedding day was anything but perfect after her bridesmaid got drunk, interrupted the wedding ceremony and reception – and then permanently abandoned her own children before driving away.

The unruly bridesmaid, who also happens to be the groom’s sister, insists she never wanted to be a bridesmaid – and her behaviour throughout the celebration – and the events leading up to it, certainly show this to be true.

The unwilling bridesmaid blew off the first wedding planning meeting in order to go to a pool party and, at the hen’s night, partook in some eye-popping topless twerking. We’re not even sure what’s going on in the picture above, which was taken at the hen’s party and shows the bridesmaid doing, well, we’re not really sure what.

When the big day finally arrived, not only did she stroll into the wedding ceremony late, she marched up the aisle, took a seat and proceeded to have a very loud conversation with her mother – all before lighting up a cigarette and smoking throughout the the entire ceremony.

Though the bridesmaid’s behaviour caused many guests to ignore her, during the reception, she got very drunk, but still managed to make her way onstage where she grabbed the microphone from the DJ and proceed to give her very own wedding speech, one that was all about her.

At the end of her impromptu and uninvited speech, the bridesmaid announced she was skipping town – without her children and that her mother would have to take care of them because, “I’d rather have them in a safe environment than a dangerous one.”

It’s actually a sadder tale than it is an infuriating one and we can only hope this broken bridesmaid find her way home.

What is the worst bridesmaid story you’ve ever heard?

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