Seven points of gift registry etiquette

Registering for wedding gifts is a great way to get the presents that you really want, and is a perfectly acceptable practice for modern wedding. Here are seven points of gift registry etiquette to make the process run smoothly.

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Inform guests of the list subtly

It’s not appropriate to print details of your gift list on your invitation as it suggests that a gift is a condition of the invitation. Sending a subtle card with details of the list in the same envelope as the invitation, or posting a link to the list on your wedding website is widely considered acceptable however.

Choose gifts from a variety of price ranges

Make sure there are items that suit a variety of budgets when you are choosing your presents. Guests are more likely to mix and match a few less expensive items than to jointly buy a pricier gift so it is usually better to select a larger number of small, inexpensive items, than a few expensive gifts.

Tell family where you have registered

Make sure both of your immediate families have the details of where you have registered. Traditionally guests would get in touch with your mother to enquire whether you had registered for gifts, and many people will still go down this route to get details of your gift list.

Amend your list on a regular basis

Many couples start their list with a modest number of gifts and then add more items as the original ones get bought. The benefit of this is that you can start with the gifts you would love to receive and increase the chance of someone buying them, and it also prevents you looking greedy. A rule of thumb is to make sure there are twice as many products on your gift list as there are guests coming to your wedding so that each guest has ample choice.

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Be appreciative of non-list gifts

It’s not obligatory for guests to buy from your list, and if they don’t you should be grateful that they have invested the time and effort into choosing a personal present that they think will be to your liking. If this means you double up on certain presents it’s not a huge problem.

Ensure that your list is easily accessible

Most guests will want to be able to order their gifts online, but some guests may still prefer to order over the phone, or visit a store in person, so make sure all of these options are available. Making it easy for guests to purchase from your list will increase the likelihood that you will get the presents you desire.

Express your gratitude on time

Make sure your thank you notes are sent out within a month of your return from honeymoon at the very latest. Your registry provider should be able to give you a list showing which guest gave which gift so you can write thank you notes with ease. Be sure to mention the gift in question to make the notes more personalised.

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