My super cute Save the Date cards…

With nine months left until our big day, we finally got our guest list sorted and we’ve just realised how many family members (at least a dozen) live in Western Australia. EEK!

Save the Date cards give notice of a wedding’s official date and are sent out before the official invitations to give guests as much notice as possible.

Since some of our family work in the mines up there, others have children and some will need to organise leave etc, we decided we needed to send out Save the Date cards rather than just letting them know via Facebook. That way, everyone can start saving their pennies and, hopefully, they will be more likely to join us on our special day.

But even for family members living in Victoria, Save the Date cards will give them plenty of notice to organise time off because, like everyone’s families, a lot of our family members have trouble organising time off or actually setting the date aside, so the more times they’re reminded, the more likely they’ll keep the date free.

I wanted to stick with our wedding theme, rustic Alice in Wonderland picnic, but haven’t been able to find something that matches our theme without it being too ove the top.

Naturally, I hopped on Pinterest for inspiration and I saw the perfect Save the Dat cards  and straight away I knew I had to have them.

Save the dates

Image source: Pinterest

I don’t know if you can tell from these pictures but as you open the Save the Date card, a knot ties.

How clever!  It can be a knot to remember the date (which is the point of the cards) or it can represent getting hitched. Get it? Get it?

Love it!

Since I am trying to DIY as much of my wedding as possible, I’m going to try to make them myself. I’m planning to get started on them next month so stay tuned to see how they turn out!

I will try add instructions too.

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