Roarsome inspirations for a dinosaur-themed wedding

dinosaur wedding inspirations You don’t have to be a six-year-old boy to love dinosaurs. In fact, for many much older brides and grooms, T-Rex was already a must-have guest – and here are 10 ideas you can steal from them…

Screams galore

dinosaur wedding inspirations The people here look a little too relaxed about what’s coming up fast behind them. Do they not realise this shot has three, count them three, dinosaurs on the rampage? A real triple threat. And who even knew T-Rex liked the beach?

Image: Reddit

Fall at your feet

dinosaur wedding inspirations We’re pretty sure John Hammond would be * spoiler alert* rolling in his grave (read the actual book) at the sight of such a magical creature ending up in this position. But we think the glitter really brings out the dino’s eyes…

Image: Rawtography

Take your seat

dinosaur wedding inspirations You know how many modern couples have that invitation to pick a seat, not a side? Well this big guy is going to watch proceedings from exactly where he is. And we’re more than cool with that.

Image: Rebel Bell Weddings

Your chariot awaits

dinosaur wedding inspirations Hmmmm. We seem to have remember no good coming from a trip in these spared-no-expense 4WDs. But as long as it doesn’t stop near the Tyrannasour paddock we should be alright.

Photo: Jurassiraptor

And eat it too

dinosaur wedding inspirations Talk about a dinosaur atop a cake, and most people would expect to see two plastic figures done up like the bride and groom – and perhaps locked in mortal combat. But as this confection shows, you can be classy and into carnivores.

Photo: Bayshore Cakes

We’re surrounded!

dinosaur wedding inspirations At first glance, these walkway markers look so cute. Hearts, patterns and pastels – what’s not to love? But then you look closer and realise something – with big teeth – is hiding in plain sight. By the time you’ve seen them, it’s too late to run.

Photo: Caitlin Thomas Photography

Language of love

dinosaur wedding inspirations Since we’re not an expert in dinosaur linguistics, we’ll have to take their word on the translation. But “I love you” is certainly a fitting message to share with guests as they take advantage of a quirky and beautiful take on a wishing well.

Photo: Etsy seller MemoryBoxShoppe

Vegesaurus Rex

dinosaur wedding inspirations It’s OK team, that’s a vegesaurus, not a meatasaurus. And how nice to see one of Jurassic Park’s friendly dinos claiming the spotlight in a cute display of escort cards. Plus, you know they won’t try to steal your steak when you look away!

Photo: Alexandra Roberts 

Two’s company

dinosaur wedding inspirations Many couples find guests welcome a spot where they can sit down and relax away from the excitement of the wedding. And if there happens to be a talkasaururs rex there to indulge in conversation, all the better.

Photo: Earthbound Images

Roarsome shot

dinosaur wedding inspirations You’ve heard people talk about pulling duck face in photos, but we prefer Jurassic face, especially when it gives the bride and groom the chance to pose for fun shots as they take their toys into battle. All in good fun of course…

Photo: Plans and Presents

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