Real or fake? A floral conundrum

Artificial Bouquet

Starting to think about the floral arrangements, bouquets etc. So now the question arises, should I go with real or fake? I was set on using real flowers, that is  until I saw a bouquet that a girlfriend had bought online.

From a distance it looked real. It was only once you got closer that you realised it was artificial.  The photo of the artificial bouquet speaks for itself.

I’ve discussed this with both our mum’s and funnily enough, they reacted the same way. They seemed very surprised and somewhat disappointed that the idea of using fake flowers came up at all. But I have to give it to them, they were both willing to let me run with the idea if it was what we really wanted.

Personally I prefer real flowers, but there are the pro’s that make you stop and think about it that little bit harder. The most obvious being the lasting power of artificial bouquets. After all, nobody wants a wilted bouquet in their wedding photos and most certainly not me.

What my girlfriend paid for her bridal and 3 bridesmaid bouquets was alot less than what you’d pay for the real mccoy.  I’ll be speaking to a florist soon, so we’ll see what we see and make a decision then.

But deep down my gut is already telling me that I’ll go with the real deal. There’s just something about the real flowers that appeals to me, where the artificial ones don’t.

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