Quinn's roar-some T-rex photo shoot

Image: Quinn Miller Photo + Design

Image: Quinn Miller Photo + Design

We see a lot of wedding photos here at Easy Weddings but this one, taken in the US over the weekend, certainly ranks in our Top 10, not just for its creativity but also its sheer coolness.

Louisiana-based photographer Quinn Miller used his rather awesome digital skills to insert a fierce-looking T-Rex into one of his friend’s wedding photos and that tiny spark of creativity has seen the image go viral with more than 2300 shares and nearly 3000 likes since it was posted just over 24 hours ago.

Quinn, 22, is a graphic designer and photographer who is currently completing studies in digital art and, knowing how much his friend James Lowder loves dinosaurs, he did his very best Steven Spielberg impression and instructed the entire bridal party to: “Run right at the camera, away from the T-Rex, as passionately as you can. I need to see fear and actual running, not lame faces and power walking.”

And they did – with aplomb (especially the guy in the far right-hand corner of the pic).

The result is one of the most memorable wedding photos we’ve ever seen.

Quinn told Stuff.co.nz that his dino photobombing idea was a hit with James and his new wife Katie who didn’t need too much convincing.

“They are such a fun couple and a fun wedding party that all I had to do is tell them to run away from an invisible dinosaur. And they did,” he said.

“We did it in one take – the entire shooting process in two minutes tops.”

Quinn then dropped in a stock image of a T-Rex, tweaked it a little and and put it on his business’ Facebook page.

The reaction has been global with hundreds of people from myriad countries commenting on Quinn’s clever wedding photo.

We think it’s, well, roarsome! 🙂

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