Project bridal body: Creating weight loss that lasts

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You’re working (and sweating) so hard to lose weight or sculpt that gorgeous bridal body, why shouldn’t you reap the benefits for the rest of your life?

A few tweaks to your lifestyle can ensure that your weight loss is permanent. Goodlife Health Clubs personal trainer Sarah Anderson says that reaping the benefits of today’s effort tomorrow won’t involve huge changes to your daily routine.

“The general rule is the faster you lose weight the faster you will put it back on,” advises Sarah. “If you lost weight fast, it is typically from fad diets which are unsustainable.

“It is better to think of losing weight as a lifestyle change, so you fit in that dress not only for that special day but for years to come.”

1. Always pick the healthier option when at the supermarket or when eating out.

“Don’t even think about going down the chips and soft drink isle,” advises Sarah. “Try to stay around the perimeter of the store. When eating out be aware many restaurant kitchens use heaps of oil in their cooking so be sure to ask the waiter for grilled not fried and to have sauces and dressings on the side.”

2. Choose active activities on the weekend like bike riding, going for a walk with friends or going to the beach.
For example, to keep her health and social life balanced, Sarah says she meets her girlfriends for breakfast every Sunday morning before heading off for a long 7km walk around the Brisbane river to catch up on the weekly events.

3. Everything in moderation.
This is key. It is important not to deprive yourself but instead restrict yourself in those foods that we all sometimes over indulge in.

4. Stay away from processed food.
This list is endless when it comes to processed foods so it is best to try to eat fresh meat, vegetables and fruit. Processed foods that you may think are ok might actually surprise you in how much salt and preservatives are actually in them, for example canned vegetables and baked beans.

5. 30 minutes is all it takes
If your schedule allows, try to do at least 30 minutes of cardio as soon as you wake up in the morning before breakfast. This will make your metabolism run faster throughout the day to aid you in getting to your weight loss goal faster.

“When it comes to exercise it is quality not quantity,” says Sarah. “If you only have half an hour at lunch time that is still enough to make a difference at the end of the week.

“Let’s say at you make it out three days during the week for a half hour high intensity jog/sprint through a park or through the city, that is approximately 300 extra calories burnt each day. This is added up to 900 calories at the end of the week, when you think of it that way it definitely makes it worth your while.”

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