Priest stops ceremony to reprimand photographer

We’re not sure what to make of this wedding video, which shows a priest stopping mid-way through a couple’s wedding vows to tell a photographer to stop shooting.

He even threatens to stop the ceremony if the photographer continues. All the while, the mortified couple are looking on.

On one hand, you can understand where the priest is coming from. He’s in the middle of carrying on a solemn, religious ceremony, and though we can’t see it, something’s obviously happened to disrupt that. (We can hear lots of snapping in the background, though.)

On the other, the couple have paid the photographer to do his job and snapping pictures of the all-important vows is crucial to that.

Perhaps, it’s a timely reminder that, regardless of whether you’re holding a religious ceremony or a civil one, it’s probably best to discuss protocol with the celebrant and photographer before the big moment.

What do you think? Was the priest right to stop the ceremony? Should the couple have intervened? Should the photographer have kept his distance?

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