Popping the question in the botanic gardens

South Australia's Botanic Gardens

Getting engaged was one of the most magical days of our lives! We spent the day together which included a picnic lunch, romantic garden walk and then the popping of the question.

He Says

Our engagement was half planned, half spontaneous. After about nine months together, we got to the stage in our relationship where we talked about marriage and even joked about it at times, but it was clear we both wanted it. We went around the a couple of jewellers one day, looking at rings and talking about if we got married where I saw one ring that really stood out to me as suiting Kate, so I called her over to take a look. When she saw it, her eyes lit up and I knew this was the ring I was going to be using to pop the question. We ended up putting it on layby as being a student, I didn’t have much money, and we knew that eventually we would most likely get married, so why not start paying it off?

For three months afterwards, I put all my excess money into savings towards the ring. Our one year anniversary as a couple was coming up, and I wanted to use that as an opportunity to propose. Being a few hundred dollars short, I made a last minute request to my parents to help with the difference, otherwise I would have to wait an extra month, and nothing big was coming up which meant a romantic day out might let off a spark in Kate’s head that I might be going to propose. I went through the formalities of letting my parents know, and then getting permission from Kate’s parents, so I was good to go.

On our anniversary, we had planned a picnic lunch followed by a romantic walk through the botanic gardens as I had never been there before.  The whole day I kept trying to pick the perfect location to pop the question. I had the ring in my pocket, and Kate had no idea what was coming. After walking through the botanic gardens, I made note of a certain spot which looked nice and I made sure we doubled back through it on the way to leave.  As we did, I took her over to the spot I had found and I got down on one knee. I don’t remember all of what I said to her, but some of it included how happy I was with her, and how I know that with her I will always be happy. After that, I pulled out the ring, and asked Kate to marry me, after which she instantly said yes.

I don’t remember the last time I had been that ecstatic. I get the impression Kate was happy as well, probably because as soon as we left the gardens, she sent SMS messages to most of her friends, followed by a trip to her best friend’s house to show off the ring, followed by a trip to see her parents and show them.

She Says

We had spent a little bit of time together looking at rings and talking about marriage. Donald picked out a ring and I agreed, so we spoke to the shop attendant who told us it was the last ring of its type available, so Donald put down a deposit and put it on hold. So I knew about the ring, but as time went by, I totally forgot about it.

When it came time for our one year anniversary we planned to have a picnic. The night before we went on our picnic, I suddenly remember the ring and fell asleep after Donald was telling me that my present was really big, but I had to wait until after lunch. I believed he had a present for me and we went out for a really romantic picnic which I really enjoyed, leaving me feeling as though there could be nothing better coming up.

Afterwards, Donald took me for a walk through the gardens and after we had seen everything Donald said “Let’s head home”. Two minutes later he was down on one knee with the ring in his hand, which I was totally not expecting! He gave the most beautiful speech and all I wanted to do was give him the biggest hug. After we left the gardens, I couldn’t stop looking at the ring while we drove home.

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