Paraplegic bride loses 87 kgs – and walks down the aisle…

Paraplegic Tami Martin lost 87 kigs and walked down the aisle

After she broke her back in a car accident in 1999, American Tami Martin was told by doctors she’d never walk again but nothing was going to stop her walking down the aisle on her wedding day, not even her wheelchair.

She did everything within her power to ensure she could enjoy every bride’s most special moment, including shedding a whopping 87kgs.

“I broke my back on October 25, 1999,” Tami told America’s 9News. “There wasn’t a physical mark on my body. My spine was crushed between L1 and L2, and they said I would never walk again.”

Every movement, including physiotherapy, became difficult and the lack of activity meant she began to gain weight. She even broke her leg while attempting to heal herself.

However, determined to walk the 19 metres down the aisle on her big day, September 6, 2014,, Tami underwent surgery to help with her weight loss and she redoubled her exercise regimen to ensure she could handle what was, for her, a very, very long walk.

After months of grueling hard work, persistence and lots of support from her Aussie groom, Rob Dietrich, Tami was able to ditch the wheelchair in which she has been bound for years, albeit temporarily, and managed to walk up the aisle with only the help of a small walker tucked beneath her wedding dress.

Understandably, when Rob saw her walking towards him, he couldn’t hold back the tears and, after the official ceremony, he carried his new bride down the aisle.

Tami insists that her walk won’t be the last one and insists she will defy her prognosis and walk again one day, this time without any help.

Paraplegic Tami Martin lost 87 kigs and walked down the aisle

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