Our story…

Craig and I got engaged in October 2009, it was a chaotic year for us so it was a beautiful way to end the year.

We planned a small engagement party with our friends in March 2010 and planned to be married in 2011. And then everything happened at once – as life usually does. So we postponed the date indefinitely until we had some semblance of control back.

This was where a wonderful community of friends – especially the online kind that stay up all night! Came in very handy the girls on the Easy Weddings Forum were wonderful.

They had been excited for me when I was first engaged and listened to me ramble on about my plans and change my mind 50 times and were so supportive when we had to cancel our plans. Being able to share the experiences of other women who understood what I was going through was definitely the chicken soup I needed.

So all my months of planning got put away – it was just to sad looking at it!

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