Our own slice of paradise in sunny Koh Samui

I loved this place! I’ve never ever stayed in anything so uber cool, fashionable and high classed!

Infinity pools, top floor balcony with it’s own private jacuzzi and an amazing sunset view!

That’s exactly what we got to see from the beautifully appointed room we’d been given at the Sareeraya Villas and Suites Resort in Koh Samui

If you’re after a relaxing, pampering break, then you have just got to try this place out. I highly recommend it!

We spent so much time during our short stay here just lazing around the pool and drinking the fantastic cocktails made by Mr Neil at the poolside bar.

The Chef’s Table put out a great breakfast spread and the candlelit, beach-side dinners are SO romantic!

They have their own spa too called the Raya spa which is right across the road from the resort

Their internet wifi range was surprisingly strong too. I usually find that my iPad will drop it’s internet connection once I walk out of the building.

At the Sareeraya I could walk out and still surf the web from my iPad while laying around on a deck chair in front of the beach

I even lit one of the floating lanterns that you can buy from the hawkers that walk up and down the beach strip. These guys even sell fireworks too, so we HAD to buy some of those too.

Don’t worry about burning your fingers trying to light them either because the hawker will light them for you.

I was abit apprehensive initially when we bought our fireworks and the hawker walked off with the money. He’d assured us he was just walking a safe distance away so that we wouldn’t get harmed when they went off.

But the hotel security guard put that to ease when he went and made it loud and clear to the fireworks seller that he was following following him VERY closely hehehe

Lighting the lantern on the beach.

The front desk staff kindly organised our jungle safari tour as well as our fishing tour. Both of which we were lucky enough to get a full days outing at the the cost of the 1/2 day tours.

If you want a good safari, then go with Mr Ung’s Jungle Safari. Your first stop is grandmother and grandfathers rocks which is out near the water. Great for happy snaps and quite funny once you see the unusual rock formation itself.

From there it’s on to the coconut plantation where you can watch the monkeys at work getting up high to detach all the coconuts from the tops of the trees. Just be careful not to be standing underneath when he drops the thing.

We got up high on a number of occasions through the tour when we went elephant trekking AND then ride back on TOP of the jeep. Then there’s the elephant show where I got a kiss from the baby elephant AND a massage from the big mama elephant. The Tug-of-War against one these gentle giants felt more like I was being taken water skiing on gravel.

Then there’s the tigers. If you’re brave enough you can get in and take photos with the big cat, but for the fainthearted, there’s the little baby cub too.

You’ve also got to do the rooftop jeep ride. It’s great if your a bit of a thrill seeker, but keep an eye out for low hanging branches LOL! This ride will take you to “Buddha’s Magic Garden”.

Later in the day you’ll stop for a traditional Thai lunch and while you’re there you get a chance to go and swim under the waterfall.

You’ll finish off the day in this seaside village where you’ll get to take a look around one of the temples. Oh and wait till you see the mummified monk!

I finished that day with some massive bruises from trying to take on the elephant but the memories of that experience and photos we got from the tour are priceless!

That same night we came back to our hotel and ate out on the beach. The Chef’s Table restaurant was fantastically setup for a BBQ on the beach!

The day after was another early morning wake-up so that we could try our hands at hand-line fishing. We went out on a traditional, colorful long-tail boat and after a couple of hours of fishing, we went and had lunch on a secluded beach. Lunch includes alot of the fish we caught earlier in the day, plus some traditional Thai dishes. So there’s lots to eat.

My holiday tan was made even darker that day from all the beautiful sunshine and clear weather. Too bad it’s starting to fade now, but it’s a bigger incentive for me to ge back out to Koh Samui for some more Rest and Relaxation

Surf, Sun & Fun!

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