We found the ultimate DJ. He even translates!

Our MC & translator. Wonder if I can talk him into doing my Bride’s speech as well?

We stumbled across Joseph Dinh when I was trawling through some wedding photos in Facebook.

He was the MC for the mixed Vietnamese (Bride) and Australian (Groom) wedding, which on it’s own was enough to grab my attention

He’s young, fluent in English and Vietnamese, as well as being very well established in the Vietnamese media. All of which got a big thumbs up from us.

After a little more researching, Phuong and I contacted Joseph to organize a meeting so that we could get to know him, his services and most importantly, whether we could see ourselves working with him.

The coffee meeting worked out well. Not only did we find our Reception MC, but Joseph was also going to throw in his services to help coordinate and be translator for our morning tea ceremony.

I’ve had experiences before at other Vietnamese weddings where I couldn’t understand the english that the MC was speaking. Wth Joseph’s fluency in both our main languages, we won’t have that issue. He’ll be able to communicate easily with everyone.

We’ve had a wealth of information from him, in the form of sample wedding speeches, wedding vows, church readings, and even the church ceremony template.

The draft run sheet he’s  put together for our reception, along with the tea ceremony information pack are both crucial to the planning of our day.

Joseph is one person I just KNOW I’ll be leaning heavily on as we get closer to the day. His expertise with weddings, receptions, tea ceremonies & scheduling are the tidbits of information that can make the whole day just that little bit smoother for us.

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