One VERY truthful RVSP

It’s the unconventional wedding RSVP that’s been viewed more than 2.6 millions times in the two days since it was uploaded – and it’s easy to see why.

The ‘truthful’ RSVP was uploaded to reddit by user cloggingthetubes who received the humorous note as part of a wedding invitation from friends.

The RSVP asks invitees to select the reason they will – or will not – be attending  some upcoming nuptials and, rather than the standard “I regretfully decline” or “I happily accept,” the couple marrying have included such options as “I regretfully accept because only like one of you” and “I am coming without a date because I desire to meet someone at your reception.’

It’s not quite as snappy as this RSVP, which went viral last year, but it has fired the imaginations of the many thousands of people, including users such as addowning who added, “Should have done this with my wedding invites. Would have saved some trouble” and rgdole who added, “This is pretty funny… always like it when people try to make life a little more awesome… just from this alone I’d want to go…

Hear, hear!

What do you think? Would you send a wedding RSVP with a dash of humour – or do you prefer a straight-up Yes or No RSVP? 

Humorous wedding rsvp

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