One ring bearer to rule them all!


What a great idea for a wedding photo. This couple decided to pay homage to one of their favourite TV shows, The Sopranos. To pull it off, they shot it in what looks like a living room, which you don’t see often and they were all told to look very serious – and, boy, did they pull it off.

It’s kinda fun, don’t you think?

But, what I love best is the story behind the ring bearer who took his duties VERY seriously.

The bride says, “He’d recently watched The Hobbit right before we asked him if he wanted to be our ring bearer, which turned out great for us because he was obsessed with being a ring bearer.”

“For the dress rehearsal we gave him a practice ring. It was a Lord of the Rings replica that came with a LOTR Risk game that I never play anymore,” she said.

“His eyes almost popped out of his head when he recognized what it was he was “practicing” with. His eyes popped out even more when I told him he could keep it.

“After that he was totally sold and was on his best behaviour the entire wedding. He’s from my husband’s side but he was totally on my team after that.” 😉

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