Nude proposal ends in arrest

A Florida man attempting to surprise his girlfriend with a naked wedding proposal has had the tables turned on him after he was  tasered and arrested.

Thomas Edwards' naked proposal went horribly wrong

Thomas Edwards’ naked proposal went horribly wrong

Thomas Edwards, 22, had promised his lady love that, when the time came, he would propose in his birthday suit.

Unfortunately, when the big moment arrived (at 3:45am on a Sunday morning, no less), Thomas knocked on the wrong door.

Understandably, the shocked homeowner who opened the door to Edwards called police.

When they arrived, they were met by an agitated (and still thoroughly naked) Edwards who begged them to take him to jail. When they refused, he asked if spitting in an officer’s face would get him arrested.

Edwards was warned not to try it, but he did and the bizarre confrontation ended with Edwards spitting at the police officer.

As a result, he was tasered, then bundled off to the local police station and charged with indecent exposure in public, burglary and battery on an officer.

The transcript from the frightened homeowner’s 911 call.
911 Dispatcher:
‘Do you know who he is?
Caller: ‘No, I don’t.’
911 Dispatcher: ‘Was he knocking on the door or anything?’
Caller: ‘Yeah, he was.’
911 Dispatcher: ‘What colour shirt does he have on?’
Caller: ‘Er, he doesn’t have a shirt on.’
911 Dispatcher: ‘What colour pants?’
Caller: ‘Brown.’
911 Dispatcher:  ‘Can you see him? What is he doing now?’
Caller: ‘Er, he is kind of walking around and taking his pants off.’

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